Fountain Podcasts Unveils 0.6.0 Update with MoonPay Partnership

• Fountain Podcasts has released their 0.6.0 update with features focused on capturing new value for value users.
• Through a partnership with MoonPay, users can now purchase satoshis with a debit or credit card to fund their Fountain account.
• The update also includes a new activity page and UI changes, allowing users to reply to clips and view popular episodes and clips.

Fountain Podcasts recently introduced their 0.6.0 update, introducing several new features and updates to the platform. With a focus on capturing new value for value users, the update brings the ability to fund user’s wallet via a partnership with MoonPay. Through this partnership, users can now purchase satoshis with a debit card or credit card, and the funds will arrive in the user’s wallet shortly thereafter.

The update also includes a new activity page, a feed which shows popular episodes and clips, allowing users to discover new content. Additionally, several UI changes have been implemented, such as a new content card design, the ability to reply to clips, and clips and comments being displayed on the episode pages under Activity.

The goal of the update is to facilitate value for value transactions, empowering content creators and reducing the potential for external sources of funding, which can sometimes introduce conflicts of interest or be potentially harmful to consumers. With the Fountain app, podcasters can receive sats for the content they provide, while listeners can receive sats for likes on their comments or clips. This direct link between the consumer and the content creator encourages users to support their favorite podcasters, and allows podcasters to avoid external sources of funding.

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