AI-backed Crypto Meme Coin Soars Past $1.5M Mark, BitMart Listing In Sight

• Chainwire Shiba Memu is a new AI-backed crypto meme coin that has just surpassed its $1.5 million fundraising milestone.
• SHMU tokens are available to purchase on the official Shiba Memu website and the tokenomics are promising, with 85% of tokens being dedicated to its presale and 10% to exchange listing liquidity.
• The project’s successful launch has been driven by the untapped potential of its AI, which uses NLP and Sentiment Analysis for tailored promotions, as well as the growing enthusiasm from YouTubers and investors alike.

Chainwire Shiba Memu Soars Past Fundraising Milestone

London, UK – August 4th 2023 marks an exciting day in crypto history with Chainwire Shiba Memu surpassing the $1.5 million fundraising milestone and making an exchange announcement debut with a BitMart listing – all within just one month of its presale starting. This success can be attributed to both a smart strategic play for the project and an appealing concept behind Shiba Memu’s AI, which was born out of team members’ experiences with excessive marketing agency fees in previous business endeavors.

The Potential Of The AI And A Cute Mascot

The idea behind this self-promoting AI is combined with the attractive Shiba Memu mascot, creating much interest among investors and crypto enthusiasts who recognize the long-term potential of the project. Thanks to a smart contract programmed by experts, SHMU tokens are currently priced at $0.0181 but guarantee a price increase every 24 hours up until day 60 of presale – 35%.

Why Is Shiba Memu Trending?

Shiba Memu’s success can be attributed to its innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis used to scan social platforms for mentions of the project in order to tailor promotions accordingly – turning it into more than just another cute dog meme! Furthermore, upcoming features such as AI dashboards scheduled for Q4 have piqued investor appetite for what lies ahead – further fuelling engagement rates around this unique offering.

Crypto Community Backing

The involvement from big name YouTubers is driving even more attention towards this trending meme coin; helping it thrive amidst a sea of competition in this highly saturated market due to its potential utility value beyond simply being entertaining or funny. This is reflected in its tokenomics too, with 85% of tokens dedicated to presale fans, 10% going towards exchange listing liquidity and 5% allocated for development purposes – giving real power back into SHMU owners hands when it comes down to future dApp developments.

Conclusion: A Smart Strategic Play With Long Term Potential

In conclusion, Chainwire Shiba Memu’s successful launch is testament that creative projects backed up by solid strategy do not go unnoticed! Its innovative use of Artificial Intelligence coupled with an appealing mascot has created plenty buzz from investors who recognise that there’s long term potential here – evidenced by listings on established exchanges such as Bitmart showcasing over 1500 cryptocurrency pairs since 2017!

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